1. What is the best time to come to Aura?

Goa is absolutely delightful in winter months. From January to March and again from October to December is the recommended period to visit Goa if it's sun and sand you are looking for. If an uncrowded Goa is what you wish to explore, Goa in the monsoons is magical. Our facillities are open to you year round.

2. Do you have wifi on site?

Yes, wifi is available in common areas like the poolside and the lobby. We, however, do recommend that you try and disconnect from your devices and spend time connecting with nature and your loved ones.

3. Do you offer discounts for long term stays?

Yes, we do. Please write to us with your proposed dates and we will offer the best possible rates for the duration of your stay.

4. I am vegan. Can someone take care of my dietary requirements during my stay at Aura?

Of course. Please inform the staff upon arrival or send us an email prior to your visit. Our chef and kitchen are fully equipped to create mouth watering yet hollistic food. Things like fruit bowls,smoothies, cereal, vegan pancakes and soy milk are made easily available to our guests.

5. Will I have access to a chauffeured car in case I want to go sightseeing?

Yes, please let the front office staff know a day prior so they can book a car for your perusal.

6. I am planning a solo vacation. Is it safe?

Yes. Aura hosts many single guests who wish to explore India, Goa and themseleves, while with us. We also have round the clock security to ensure the safety of our guests at all times.

7. What is the recommended duration of stay at Aura?

You are welcome to come in and stay for as long as you like. Everyone is welcome at Aura and you can take as long as you need before you return home feeling invigorated.

8. Can we organise our very own yoga retreat at Aura?

Yes, please head to the section on the website titled Retreats for more information.

9. What about travel and medical insurance?

We strongly recommend that you stay up to date with your vaccinations before arriving into Goa, with comprehensive insurance to cover illness, accidents and other emergencies. Travel insurance with adequate coverage is also suggested as this will take care of flight delay, cancellations and loss of baggage. Please check with your physician to ensure that you are carrying all the medication you might need on your visit to India. We suggest that you consult your travel agent for more information on the best travel insurance package for full coverage for your stay in India.